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About Us

We, at the Dwight Andrus Real Estate Companies, have been actively involved in real estate development, ownership and management of apartments, office buildings, retail shopping centers and residential neighborhoods for over sixty (60) years in this community. A few of our projects include:

  • Time Plaza Shopping Center
  • Winnwood Shopping Center
  • The Dwight Andrus Building
  • Acadiana Mall
  • Greenbriar Subdivision
  • Broadmoor Subdivision
  • Fernewood Subdivision
  • Briarwood Apartments
  • 5501 Johnston Street Office Building
  • Lowes Development
  • Home Depot Development

Today, we own retail and office properties along Johnston Street. Like many others, our properties will be directly affected by any proposed redevelopment project.


We would like to thank the following firms and individuals who invested time and expertise in support of this project:

Paul L. Miers Engineering, Inc.
Ziler Architects, APAC
Michael Wayne Broussard
Compugistics, LLC
Craig Hebert Engineering, LLC

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Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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