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Our View

Everyone would agree that it would be ideal to start over and build Johnston Street with a more modern looking "streetscape" using contemporary design standards. If we were considering a project on vacant property or a mostly undeveloped highway, this would be feasible. However, this is not the reality of Johnston Street. Significant positive improvements can be made to Johnston Street by adopting another approach.

As owners of significant commercial properties directly fronting Johnston Street, we are naturally very interested in the redevelopment and improvement of this vital corridor. It will not only improve the look of our community, but will enhance property values and businesses in the redeveloped areas.

We believe that Lafayette can accomplish the same goals for much less cost and much less disruption and still produce dramatic improvements to Johnston Street.

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Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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