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An Alternative Approach

We strongly urge the LCG and the various committees to continue to move forward with this initiative to redevelop Johnston Street; but with the following two changes:

Modification 1: Modernize Johnston Street within the Existing Right of Way and at its current elevation. How will this help? It will:

  • Significantly reduce the cost for this project. No new ROW would need to be purchased from property owners along Johnston Street. This would greatly reduce the cost and complexity of the project, provide for easier financing, and dramatically reduce the time to completion.

  • Make this project a reality now ...... not in the future. Greatly simplify the design and construction work needed for the project, so that we can seriously look at undertaking this project NOW instead of many years from now.

  • Reduce disruption to businesses along Johnston Street. Eliminate the need to completely tear up Johnston Street, allowing the continued unobstructed use of Johnston Street by emergency vehicles and the general public.

  • Garner more support. Modification 1 greatly reduces the impact to existing businesses and property owners along Johnston Street. Both property and business owners will see the benefits of this approach and support this plan.

Modification 2: Add deceleration lanes.

  • Deceleration Lanes should be explored by the Traffic Division and instituted at properties that have enough existing frontage on Johnston Street. This will help traffic continue moving freely as motorists use them to decelerate and enter businesses along Johnston Street. They will also aid in the prevention of motorists who come to a complete stop when exiting the highway. This solution will have a positive impact on traffic flow and be only minimally disruptive.

  • The proposed project contemplates adding turning lanes through the new boulevard median every several hundred yards for left turn exiting. This is designed to provide greater traffic control and generally help traffic move more freely along Johnston Street. However, not only is the cost of the proposed turning lanes prohibitive, that approach will almost assuredly make many businesses LESS accessible when motorists must travel several hundred yards to get to a "turnaround" only to travel back to the destination business. (Think of any similar boulevard in any major city, such as Carrolton in New Orleans or Westheimer in Houston).

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Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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