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Next Steps

The study has entered its next phase and is now in the hands of the Technical Transportation Committee (TTC), a committee of the LCG's Metropolitan Planning Organization, for further study, primarily with respect to traffic concerns. The committee holds monthly meetings at the Lafayette Natural History Museum and welcome public input. If you would like to attend these meetings and provide input, click here for the calendar of meeting dates and times.

Any plan to redevelop Johnston Street must take into account:

  • The lack of ROW issues and the cost to acquire additional ROW
  • Cost of the Road Improvements
  • Short term and long term impact to businesses and properties along Johnston Street
  • Sensitivity to hundreds of existing tax paying businesses that employ thousands of people within our community
  • The disruption to our community and emergency vehicle traffic

Even with these modifications to the proposed plan, we do not get a perfect solution, but we do get a very good solution that allows us to tackle many of the issues related to present day Johnston Street.

Together, we can improve the overall appearance of Johnston Street by continuing to push forward on its redevelopment. Once complete, Johnston Street will be more attractive, modern and will encourage new investment in businesses and properties alike. Surely, this must be worth the effort.

We strongly encourage Lafayette Consolidated Government, the Johnston Street Coordinating Team, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization to adopt this alternative approach to the redevelopment of Johnston Street.

For more information or if you would like to get involved, contact:

Reed G. Andrus
Dwight W. Andrus Real Estate, LLC
Phone: (337) 989-1112
Email: rga@andrus.com



Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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