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The Current Conceptual Plan

Scope and Design

In its current formulation, the plan includes redeveloping all of Johnston Street in several stages; beginning at University Avenue and extending south of Acadiana Mall to the parish line. The first stage, Segment 1, will begin at University Avenue and end at Doucet Road; stretching approximately 2 miles (10,905 linear feet). To see more about the conceptual plans and drawings, click here.

The main elements of the plan are as follows:

  1. Increasing the width of Johnston Street from its present average eighty foot (80') Right of Way (ROW) to a standard one hundred sixteen foot (116') ROW. This means an additional thirty-six feet (36') of ROW must be acquired from property owners along most of Johnston Street included in Segment 1. It is important to note that the ROW on Johnston Street near ULL is only sixty (60') feet and varies in width along Johnston Street in most of Segment 1, but does average about Eighty (80') Feet.

  2. Reconstructing Johnston Street into a boulevard with two (2) northbound lanes, two (2) southbound lanes and controlled left turn lanes resulting in more limited access, than presently exists, to businesses located along Johnston Street. To see the basic design and a cross section of this design, follow this link. To see an artist rendering of the plan, click here. Note that no new traffic lanes are added in this design.

  3. Adding curbs, gutters and underground drainage where none presently exist.

  4. Burying all overhead utility lines, including cable, telephone, etc.

  5. Implementing a sign ordinance that will require all businesses along Johnston Street to meet a new standard that allows ONLY monument/pediment signs. "All existing billboards will be allowed to remain according to Louisiana State Law".

To date, only the first stage, Segment 1, has been proposed in any detail. See more about the conceptual plans and drawings by clicking this link.

How much will it Cost?

Segment 1 was projected to cost about Sixty-Four Million ($64,000,000) Dollars as estimated by the LCG and JSCT in 2006. This estimate was revised to Seventy Two Million ($72,000,000) Dollars in November 2008 by the Lafayette MPO Citizen Advisory Committee on Johnston Street- Segment 1 Subcommittee. Click here to view the revised budget. Our own professional studies indicate that these costs could be as much as twenty-five to thirty percent (25% - 30%) higher as the scope and complexity of this project is huge. It is important to note that estimating the cost for any project in the early stages of a conceptual plan is very difficult and subject to change.

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Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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